Dear WeROC leaders, friends and supporters, please share this information widely in your own networks, family and friends.  Studies show that the most effective way to impact voting and social change is relational organizing, i.e., communicating with those we know and/or we are related to.  Let’s make this election season one that supports deep social change by electing officials who support our mission.  We want WeROC and our MOSES partners to be a meaningful part of building the kinds of smart, powerful, and durable cross-racial coalitions — locally, regionally, and statewide — that can win fundamental change and build that Beloved Community.

Let’s vote and encourage others to vote! Let’s elect those who govern by the values we hold dear. Let’s make sure our voice is not ignored!

  • You can register to vote online! Register to vote
  • You can sign up online to vote from home (absentee voting)! Sign up here. (The last day to request an absentee ballot for the August 4th primary is July 31st). Don’t forget place postage of 2 stamps.
  • You can register to vote, ask for an absentee ballot, fill it out and hand it to your clerk the day of the election.
  • Find Your Clerk here.
  • Michigan residents confined in jail or prison who are awaiting arraignment or trial are eligible to vote. When residents are released from jail or prison after serving a sentence, they are free to participate in elections without restriction.
  • will also help you check, register online, and then send automatic reminders about when/where to vote. This site is both English and Spanish.
  • Any questions? Visit MI SOS Voter or or email local nonpartisan helpline:
  • You can preview your local ballot and view local candidates in Q&A forums online via League of Women Voters:

For those of you who live in Ann Arbor Township and Ypsilanti Township, there are write in candidates for the AA Township Trustee position and Ypsi Township Clerk position. Kris Olsson is running as a write in candidate for AA Township Trustee and Monica Ross-Williams is running as a write in candidate for Ypsi Township Clerk.  Below is how the ballot will look and how to write-in a candidate’s name. The name must be exactly as you see above.

Don’t forget to be counted in the Census!

Ten simple questions, three minutes tops. Be counted!

Counting each Michigander in the US 2020 Census ensures that Michigan gets its proper representation in Congress and all sorts of other public funding for education, roads, etc.. If we lose a representative because of an under-count, Michigan will have a smaller voice in national decisions.  That means your vote for representatives is less powerful nationally than it should be!  Participate online at 2020 census, or by phone at (844) 330-2020.