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WeROC Joins New Campaign to Stop Voter Suppression in Michigan

WeROC has joined a new coalition determined to hold Michigan corporations accountable for supporting politicians working to make it harder for Black and low-income people to vote. The Defend Black Voters Coalition (DBV) challenges corporations to commit to cutting off all forms of financial support to legislators supporting voter suppression. Read the Defend MI Vote Pledge here.

You may already know about the cowardly and insulting efforts by the majority party in our State Legislature in Lansing to bypass the will of 67% of the voters to pass new laws intended to roll back the historic expansion of voting rights for all of us that we won in 2018. The latest scheme is to get around 350,000 signatures on a deceptively named “Secure MI Vote” petition (we say, “Decline to Sign!”) so they can ram through voter suppression legislation that Governor Whitmer can’t veto. Most disturbing of all, they know that we know that the overall goal is to try to reduce the numbers of Black and Brown voters — the voters who have been coming out in record numbers and who have been so crucial to recent victories for working people in our state — but they clearly don’t even care.

What can we do about these shameless actions by a minority of our State?  One step is to take away something very precious to them — their campaign dollars! Please take five minutes to hear the powerful words of the coalition leadership at the Defend Black Voters kickoff rally earlier this month in Detroit.

To ensure the campaign is rooted in the urgency of those most directly impacted by the voter suppression effort in Michigan, this multi-racial coalition is led by a steering committee consisting of Michigan-based, Black-led racial justice organizations (MOSES Action, Detroit Action, Michigan People’s Campaign, Mothering Justice Action Fund, and Emergent Justice) and the convening partner, Community Change Action,  WeROC is supporting this group of Black Leaders in a new strategy to ensure sacred voting rights for all.
Stay tuned as we ramp up the campaign to pressure major Michigan companies to sign our pledge – to live up to their public support for the Black Lives Matter movement — and immediately end their contributions to politicians who are blatantly working to suppress the vote. We’ll keep you posted for actions we can all take.

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Our Mission

WeROC brings together faith, labor, community organizations, and individuals to build healthy collective power needed to break down the systems that sustain injustice, racism, and economic inequality.

Our Vision

WeROC‘s vision is to use our organizing process for the purpose of creating opportunities for more people of color, lower income residents, and youth to participate at the tables where decisions affecting them and the broader community are made, so that together we are developing effective strategies for dismantling the structures that stubbornly maintain injustice, racism, and economic inequality in our area.


WeROC leaders are committed to launching a new phase of WeROC’s local history right here in Washtenaw, building on the deep relationships built, meaningful victories won, and collective experience WeROC members have gained in these first years.  WeROC leaders welcome broad participation  in planning the critical next steps underway right now. We know that when the organized voices of those who’ve been pushed to the margins are powerfully heard, all of us in Washtenaw are the better for it.

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WeROC continues to find ways to support the organized voices of our neighbors who are hardest hit by the health and economic crises. As we build capacity for our next exciting phase, we will be grateful for any ongoing financial support from the community – use the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page.