WeROC Monthly Meeting Thurs 9-1 5:30

What: WeROC Monthly Meeting
When: THIS Thursday, Sept 1, 5:30-7:15pm
Where: Trinity Lutheran Church ELCA, 1400 W. Stadium, Ann Arbor (Just west of the stadium)
Hope you can make the important WeROC Monthly Meeting this Thursday, in Ann Arbor

Hello, WeROC supporters…

Democracy is what WeROC is really all about, right?  Creating ways for members of our community whose voices often aren’t heard, and allies, to organize for action together, so people’s collective voice is amplified and we can make long-overdue social and policy changes really happen.  And elections are a time when democracy is out in the open.

For WeROC, election time is far from the only time when we need to creatively use our democracy for positive change, but it’s sure an important time — especially during a wild year like this one. On Thursday, we’ll hear from our MOSES friends about the powerful “Integrated Voter Engagment” approach to the election season — and how we can make good things happen in November while at the same time building our power as grassroots organization.  So that AFTER the election results are tallied in November, we can make sure that the community isn’t forgotton.  And we’re being presented with exciting opportunties to engage on things like…
Helping voters understand where local candidates in key races stand on issues we care about.
Making sure we win big in Washtenaw County on the vote for Regional Transit.
And a sneak peek at the longer-term statewide campaign to win fair election districts and stop gerrymandering over the next year.
PLUS: a preview of the October 8 MOSES Public Meeting, where we’re needed to help build the numbers to win on regional and state issues.
Note to Ypsi area folks:  Rita Paye has graciously invited us to meet at her church in Ann Arbor…let’s face it — with most meetings being in eastern Washtenaw, it’s only fair to our Ann Arbor sisters and brothers have a chance to meet closer to them once in a while, right?  Should be easy access and parking at Trinity Lutheran, just start a little early!

That’s THIS Thursday, Sept 1, 5:30-7:15pm, Trinity Lutheran Church ELCA, 1400 W. Stadium, Ann Arbor (Just west of the stadium).

Also, please read the Statement from our EMU American Federation of Teachers colleagues and co-founder organization about the attempted intimidation by the Eastern Michigan University Administration..