Upcoming WeROC Opportunities

Fellow WeROC Members and Supporters…

In the middle of an intense and unusual political season, it’s hard to also pay any attention to what happens AFTER the election, in the coming months and years. But isn’t that our special role as community organizers — to, yes, participate thoughtfully in selecting the best candidates and issues this Fall, but also to keep our eyes on the future prize?

By participating in as many of the following opportunities as possible, and encouraging others from your congregations, unions, organizations, and networks to join in, you become part of a stronger WeROC with the capacity to seriously tackle the root of the economic and social issues increasingly challenging our families and communities. Please organize your life to help these happen…

1) October “Meeting of the Whole”, Thursday October 6, 5:30-7:15pm, Strong Tower Ministries, 156 Spencer, Ypsi Twp. Light dinner provided. Come for camaraderie, solidarity, strategizing our next important steps together.

2) MOSES Annual Public Meeting: Monday, October 10, 7:00-8:30 pm , bus leaving Strong Tower Ministries at 5:30 pm (arrive earlier!). Our chance to help our partners MOSES win on major regional issues AND for WeROC to learn how better to act as a power organization locally. By attending, our leaders and members will be able to connect to issues that are impacting us all here in SE Michigan, including the need to choke the School-to-Prison Pipeline, create a connected public transportation system, and move toward more fair election districts.

We need your help in recruiting 50 people to justify a WeROC bus — you can promise people a rare combination of fun while helping real change happen. Contact Tad Wysor with tentative names for the bus as you talk to people.

3) YES for Regional Transit! Everyone in SE MI, especially lower income families, will benefit from supporting the Regional Transit Master Plan on the November ballot, and that’s why WeROC and MOSES were early endorsers of the campaign. Now WeROC is being asked to help the campaign win big in Washtenaw. Please help spread this opportunity for a fun canvassing event: Saturday, October 8 out of the Ecology Center Office, 339 E Liberty, suite 300, Ann Arbor .

4) WeROC Voter Education: This year, there’s only one contested race for Washtenaw County Commissioner, in District 2 in North and Northwest Washtenaw. As an aid to voters, WeROC sent 7 questions on issues that matter to our members to the both candidates. Look for a follow-up post that will include the candidate’s responses. Please think about how your congregation or organization can spread the word. Let’s help informed democracy work!

Also stay tuned! Our creative Education Action Team has sent out a questionnaire to School Board candidates.