Meeting of the Whole 12-1

Please join WeROC for our upcoming Meeting of the Whole:

What: WeROC December Meeting of the Whole:
When: Thursday, Dec 1, 5:30 pm – 7:15 pm,
Where: Grace Fellowship Church, 1301 S. Harris, Ypsilanti (just north of Grove St.)

Relationships. Simple human relationships. At a time when we suddenly find huge, even overwhelming uncertainties all around us — when we can guess but really don’t know how things are going to unfold at the national, state, and, yes, local levels — don’t we need to be together, maybe like never before? And think about it… aren’t the human relationships we have built, and the new ones we choose to start building right now, aren’t they one of the few things we know — for sure — is a GOOD thing?

Some of us think it’s the most important thing at a time like this… probably always is, whether or not we’re actively paying attention to our connections with each other in a serious, intentional way. Depending on when you began paying attention to WeROC (and MOSES), and what your interaction has been, you may not know this: But THE fundamental building block that we use in our “state-of-the-art” grassroots community organizing model is just that — systematic, thoughtful, disciplined one-on-one relationship-building. And for WeROC, it’s time for another round of it.

The leaders of WeROC hope you will make a decision this week to be with us on Thursday. And not just as an observer, but prepared to agree to sit down with one, or three, or ten people over the next few weeks. People you know. People you don’t know. People who could be allies. And, heck, people who may be adversaries. Human beings all, right? People with deep stories and passions and hurts and gifts. People who may also be curious about who YOU really are! Thursday evening, we’ll have some tools, some tips, some partners for you in this simple, but critical, work together.

And we’ll also have some opportunities in the near future for us all to get back together and share and process what each of us is hearing. And begin piecing together powerful, strategic, collective action campaigns. Winnable campaigns led by people whose voices who aren’t heard enough and allies we help organize, to make real change happen in our area. We’ll probably have to play some defense for awhile, but we won’t let that prevent us from playing some smart offense whenever we can, to keep making forward progress together.

–Tad Wysor, Volunteer WeROC Organizer