July WeROC Meeting

July WeROC Meeting of the Whole, TUESDAY JULY 10 (Delayed this month due to holiday), 5:30-7:30, Strong Tower Ministries, 134 Spencer Ln, Ypsi Twp (Annex at south end of lot).  Light dinner provided.

None of us spend all our time on things WeROC.  But we all know that the more of us that DO spend some time and energy on our collective local social justice work, and do it in significant numbers and side by side with those most affected daily by racism and poverty in our area, the sooner we’ll shift how power is distributed around us — and seriously address the severe moral crises that we’re confronting in our (overall) wealthy County.
With our successful major May 20 Public Meeting in Ypsilanti (here’s the video if you missed it! ), we learned once again that the bottom-up voices from our congregations and organizations can be seriously heard by our local public officials and decision-makers.  Now it’s time to make sure they also act on what they heard and what they agreed to do.  Next Tuesday is for making that real…please plan to be a part of it!