November 2020 WeROC Meeting of the Whole

WeROC Community: Thurs Nov 5 meeting at 5:30? Really??

Another virtual meeting??  After the election??  Well, yes, but please don’t overthink it, just go ahead and register at this link for our November meeting (5:30pm Nov 5)!  You’ll be glad you did. Yes, it’s 2 days after Election Day.  Yes, we’ll all be exhausted, and probably dealing with a million emotions.  But the WeROC Leadership Team decided that we should have our First Thursday meeting anyway…especially because if shenanigans are happening with the election, the enemies of community and democracy will be counting on our exhaustion to let them do their worst.

Soooo….even if not for a whole hour, let’s get as many of us together as we can next Thursday.  We’ll be able to see some faces we’re missing, do a little celebrating of some victories, and share what we know about what’s happening with the vote counting by that time.  And if needed, we can be prepared to bring WeROC along to join with others potentially taking massive action together as necessary — some good trouble — to make sure every single vote is counted.

  • Hard as it is to see past Tuesday, we’ll also take just a few minutes to begin looking forward.  WeROC leaders believe that we HAVE to make sure we keep the hard-won momentum we built throughout this history-making year — so we can immediately start next year winning real, fundamental change, toward a Washtenaw County justice system where all the parts are transparent, competent, and fair to every single resident — including building a major 3-hour Teach-In on organizing around real criminal justice reform in January.

Let’s keep leaning on each other as we create a massive turnout for the election — and then keep on leaning in and out of collective work as our personal lives require, to keep the overall movement-building going and growing.

–Tad Wysor, WeROC Organizer and MOSES Liaison (734-883-3225)

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