April 2021 WeROC Meeting of the Whole

Calling all WeROC members and friends to attend our next Meeting of the Whole, Thursday, April 8, 5:00-6:30pm —  Click here to register, then scroll down for some helpful preparation for this special participatory event…    

We are moving our WeROC Meeting of the Whole one week, from the regular “First Thursday” meeting day (due to conflicts with religious services/gatherings, as well as conflicts with other social justice meetings that some of you let us know about).  We’ll meet April 8th, and we will start a half-hour earlier (5:00 pm) to allow time for us to conduct what we’re calling a “Mini” Issues Convention.  Here’s why we want a broad cross-section of our constituency (you!) on the 8th…

  • Normally we would have an Issues Convention in person, for several hours.  Given our restraints due to the Covid virus, we are condensing the time and process in order to still allow our members, friends, and allies to participate democratically in clarifying together the best issues for us to work collectively on in the coming months.
    • To prepare for this meeting, it will help greatly if each of you will give some ahead of time to this question Of the (dozens of!) serious problems facing us and our neighbors right now, which are YOU most passionate about, and which might YOU want to devote some of your time and talents to?
  • We will then go through a “multi-vote” process together, to hear from each other and prioritize the best organizing issues that we can build Action Teams and healthy community power around.

Nothing’s off the table, so bring your candidate issue(s) and let’s have a meaningful — and fun! — time together.  Some things to think about in considering potential issues…

  • It is in line with WeROC’s mission and vision?
  • Is there a local decision-maker?
  • It it winnable?
  • Does it increase WeROC’s visibility in the community?
  • Does WeROC have the resources to engage?

Please join us on April 8th and help determine priorities for WeROC and the formation of Action Teams — at what feels like an incredible moment in history.

ALSO, SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, April 17th 10:00am-2:00pm for an important next step:  an “Organizing 101” training with our sister organization MOSES in Detroit, on ZOOM.  Look for an invitation shortly — and whether you’re a seasoned WeROCer or a newcomer, let’s all keep learning about building blocks like 1:1’s, self-interest, building power, and more.

Cindy Bodewes

Agitation is an act of Love

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