November 2023 Meeting of the Whole, Thursday 11/2/23 – In Person

October sure passed by quickly with so many issues and concerns coming to the forefront–housing and homeless, voter rights and criminal justice concerns.  Please join us at 5:30 on Thursday, November 2 at 111 S Wallace, Ypsilanti.  This is the former Chappelle Elementary School.  Entrance is best achieved  by turning onto Jones street beside the school and entering through the back doors.  You will hear from our Board of Directors retreat from last Saturday and each of our action teams.  Please consider becoming a member of one of the WeROC Action Teams, or join them for one of their specific initiatives which you will hear about Thursday evening.  I will forward the agenda on Thursday.  Light refreshments will be served.  See you there!

Cindy Bodewes

A ray of violet bathes your furrowed brow, washing away the pain, transmuting anger into useful joyous fury.    Fred Lamott

Useful. Joyous. Fury.