April 29 2021 MOSES Action Advocacy Training

WeROC’s Leadership Team wanted our supporters to see this statement from MOSES on the Chauvin verdict, if you hadn’t already. Mixed emotions as we move forward with next steps, including this training we hope that you and others from your congregation, union, or network can join us for, as we work together to build healthy, bottom-up power and become more effective agents for real, transformational change, starting right in our own communities.

We take a deep breath after Chauvin’s guilty verdict on all counts as a turning point in a system of injustice and lack of accountability that has plagued our country for too long.

But true justice would be a country where we can all feel safe in our communities and live without fear that those sworn to serve and protect will kill us just for existing. We all want to be free to safely walk in our neighborhoods, play in our yards or sleep in our beds without fear of the police. Click here to read MOSES Full Statement on the Chauvin Verdict.

MOSES Action Advocacy Training

Join us on Thursday, April 29 at 6 p.m.

To register, click here.