May 2021 WeROC Meeting of the Whole

Calling all WeROC members and friends to attend our next Meeting of the Whole, Thursday, May 6th , 5:30-6:30pm —  Click here to register and receive the meeting link, then scroll down for some helpful preparation for putting words into action.    

This Months WeROC Meeting of the Whole, May 6, 5:30pm-6:30 pm will be exciting and empowering.  In last month’s Meeting of the Whole we had a “mini” issues convention and identified the three top issues on the mind and hearts of WeROC members.  The top issues as voted by members were:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Equity
  • Voting Rights

In the meeting this Thursday we will discuss these issues and identify which issues members are willing to support with their time and talents.  Please come and bring your questions, comments and ability to work on any of these important issues.    All of these issues represent concerns about the times in which we are living and are critical to creating a just and beloved community.  WeROC Leaders have volunteered to organize each of these Action teams, select team leaders, and recruit members.  Teams will cut the issues, decide who are the targets, and plan actions.  We need your hearts, minds and skills to make these decisions.  See you Thursday!

Cindy Bodewes

Agitation is an act of Love