July 2021 WeROC Meeting of the Whole

Hello, all.   After our fun and insightful group “power analysis” exercises at last month’s meeting, this Thursday’s July Meeting of the Whole (register here) will be a chance to hear from leaders of our three Action Teams — Voting Rights, Health Equity, and Justice Matters — about how the Teams are processing what we’re learning together, and about how you might want to plug in.  If there was ever a time for some creative and effective bottom-up local and regional organizing, this would seem to be it, right?  

Hope you can join us this week (still virtually at this point) on Thursday July 1, 5:30-6:30 pm — Register at link above.

Cindy Bodewes, cbodewes@umich.edu, 734-358-6994
Tad Wysor, tadwysor@gmail.com, 734-883-3225

Agitation is an act of Love