April 2023 Meeting of the Whole, Thursday 4/6/23

Attachments: Agenda   Minutes

WeROC Members and Friends,

Please join us for our April Meeting of the Whole this Thursday at 5:30pm.   Thanks to Pastor Liz and Melanie Harner of First Congregational UCC, we are able to have another hybrid meeting.  So, once again, you can choose to come in person at 111 S. Wallace, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Come to the back door of Chapelle School or you can participate virtually at via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7643282234  This is the church’s Zoom Link so don’t be confused by that name on the meeting title.

We will have our election of Officers/Executive Board at this meeting.  The Nominating Committee has recommended a slate of candidates.  This is the slate they recommended to us:

President – Cynthia Bodewes
Vice President – Charlotte Tillerson
Secretary – Rita Turner-Sheerin
Treasurer – Tad Wysor
Parliamentarian – Alyshia Dyer
Members at Large – Lois Allen Richardson, John Hollingsworth.

Depending on movement between now and Thursday you may also hear updates on the unhoused issue, the county community center, WeROC Action Teams  and the GEO strike (you can go to https://www.geo3550.org/  to find out about the GEO issues, sign up to picket and donate to the strike

If you have not yet paid your membership dues for 2023, please do so now.  Membership dues provide a stable amount of income for WeROC to use in support of important community issues.  It also signals your dedication and commitment to building the Beloved Community. 

 If you have not yet paid your $25 dues (what a bargain!) please go to werocmi.org click on the blue Donate button  in the upper right corner, enter your $25 and in the comment section, please note that the payment is for WeROC membership

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Cindy Bodewes

A ray of violet bathes your furrowed brow, washing away the pain, transmuting anger into useful joyous fury.    Fred Lamott

Useful. Joyous. Fury.