May 2023 Meeting of the Whole, Thursday 5/4/23

Good Afternoon, WeROC Members and Friends.  I hope you  are well and surviving this extended wintery weather.  There is hope for Spring coming in the next few days.

Please join us for the WeROC Meeting of the Whole tomorrow, Thursday May 4th.  We will spend the bulk of the meeting getting feedback from all of you about your hopes for WeROC for the coming year.  Let us know what needs to be improved upon from your perspective.  Leadership would like to hear what priorities you support and what you would like your role to be in WeROC. This will be in advance of getting the new leadership and Board of Directors together for the first time.  The agenda is attached.

Please Note:  Tomorrow’s Meeting will be Virtual Only.  We remain dedicated to meeting in person and will resume the Hybrid format next month

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Cindy Bodewes

A ray of violet bathes your furrowed brow, washing away the pain, transmuting anger into useful joyous fury.    Fred Lamott

Useful. Joyous. Fury.